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Window Strip Washing Sleeves



Window Strip Washing Sleeves


Strip washer sleeves Fiber does not shed hairs. Nap is specially shaped and hemmed to form a woven fiber sleeve with high water retention. Ends are reinforced to protect them against wear and tear. Sleeves are available with a Abrasive strip which increases cleaning performance by scrubbing stubborn dirt.Microfiber replacement sleeve can absorb 6 times its weight. Able to withstand many washings.


Code Description Product Size


Replacement sleeve, 10"

25 cm/ 10 in


Replacement sleeve, 14"

35 cm/ 14 in


Replacement sleeve, 18"

45 cm/ 18 in


Replacement sleeve with abrasive strip, 14" 

35 cm/ 14 in 


Replacement sleeve with abrasive strip, 18" 

45 cm/ 18 in 


Microfiber replacement sleeve, 14" 

35 cm/ 14 in 


Microfiber replacement sleeve, 18" 

45 cm/ 18 in 



Sold Individually