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Buckets/Lids, Tubs/Undercarriages & All Handles


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  Buckets & Lids    (7 Items) Scroll Down


Vikan 1.5 Gallon Bucket

Size: 10"L x 9.6"W x 7.1"H

Available In 12 Colours

SKU: 5689x


Vikan 3 Gallon Bucket 

Size: 12.81"L x 12.88"W x 12.5"H

Available In 12 Colours

SKU: 5686x


Vikan 5 Gallon Bucket 

Size: 15"L x 18.5"W x 18.5"H

Available In 5 Colours

SKU: 5692

Vikan Wall Bracket For Bucket

Size: 14.6"L x 3.1"W x 2"H

SKU: 16200



Vikan 1.5 Gallon Bucket & Optional Lids

Available In 12 Colours

SKU: 5689x


Vikan 3 Gallon Bucket & Optional Lids

Available In 12 Colours

SKU: 5687x


Vikan 5 Gallon Bucket & Optional Lids

Available In 5 Colours

SKU: 5693x

  Tubs     (14 Items) Scroll Down


Remco Angle Dump Tub

Size: 54.6"L x 32"W x 21.7"H

Available In 5 Colours

SKU:  6901x


Remco Angle Dump Tub Lid

Size: 56"L x 32"W x 4.3"H

Available In 5 Colours



Remco Regular Undercarriage Steel

Size: 41.1"L x 27.3"W x 19.1"H

Galvanized Steel

SKU: 6903


Remco Low Undercarriage Steel

Size: 40.25"L x 26.9"W x 8.9"H

Galvanized Steel

SKU: 6904


Remco Angle Dump Tub w/Drain Plug

Size: 54.6"L x 32"W x 21.7"H

Available In 5 Colours

SKU: 6905x



Remco Stainless Steel Undercarriage

Size: 41.1"L x 27.3"W x 19.1"H

Stainless Steel

SKU: 6906



Remco Transport Storage Tub

Size: 46.5"L x 26"W x 16.2"H

Available In 5 Colours

SKU: 6911x



Remco Transport Storage Bin Lid

Size: 46.9"L x 26.9"W x 1.7"H

Available In 5 Colours

SKU: 6912x



Remco Galvanized Steel Undercarridge

Size: 42.5"L x 21.6"W x 9.4"H

Weight: 57.5lbs.

 SKU: 6913



Remco Transport Storage Tub w/Drain Plug

Size: 46.8"L x 26.5" W 16.9"H

Available In 5 Colours

SKU: 6915x



Remco Aero Tote Tub

Size: 40.7"L x 37"W x 20.7"H

Available In White

SKU: 6921



Remco Aero Tote Tub w/Drain Plug

Size: 40.7"L x 37"W x 20.7"H

Available In White

SKU: 6925



Remco Aero Tote Tub Lid

Size: 41.2"L x 37.2"W x 2.75"H

Available In White

SKU: 6922



Remco Aero Tote Pallet

Size: 37.4"L x 32.6"W x 9.8"H

Available In White

SKU: 6923



 Remco Aero Tote, Lid & Pallet Complete Unit

Makes Moving Product With A Forklift Easy

  Ultra Hygiene Handles       (4 Items) Scroll Down

Vikan 51" Ultra Hygiene Handle

Available In 9 Colours

SKU: 2960x


Vikan 59" Ultra Hygiene Handle

Available In 12 Colours

SKU: 2962x


Vikan 67" Ultra Hygiene Handle

Available In 5 Colours

SKU: 2964x



Vikan 6" Mini Handle

Available In 5 Colours

SKU: 2934x

  Aluminum Handles     (8 Items) Scroll Down


Vikan 26" Basic Aluminum Handle

Available In 5 Colours

Soft SKU: 2981x

Vikan 39" Basic Aluminum Handle

Available In 6 Colours

Soft SKU: 2933x


Vikan 50" Basic Aluminum Handle

Available In 8 Colours

Soft SKU: 2958x


Vikan 59" Basic Aluminum Handle

Available In 7 Colours

SKU: 2959


Vikan 51" Aluminum Handle

Available In 12 Colours

SKU: 2935x

  Flex Rod Handles      (4 Items) Scroll Down


Vikan Stainless Steel Flex Rod Extension For Handle

Size: 30.8"L x 0.2"D

SKU: 5346



Vikan Stainless Steel 61" Flex Rod Handle

Size: 61.4"L x 1"D

SKU: 5350



Vikan Stainless Steel 30" Flex Rod Handle

Size: 30.3"L x 1.1"D

SKU: 53515

Vikan Nylon Flex Rod

Size: 59.7"L x 0.3"D

SKU: 53525

  Waterfed Handles     (4 Items) Scroll Down

Vikan 62" Waterfed Alumium Handle w/Barbed Fitting

SKU: 29915


Vikan 61" Waterfed Aluminum Handle w/Quick Disconnect

SKU: 2991Q5


Vikan Waterfed Telescopic Handle w/Quick Disconnect Fitting

SKU: 2973Q5


Vikan Waterfed Telescopic Handle w/Barbed Fitting

SKU: 29735

  Extension Handles     (4 Items) Scroll Down

Remco 16' Extemsion Handle w/Bottle

Available In Yellow

SKU: 6268B


Remco 16' Extension Handle w/Drain

Available In Yellow

SKU: 6268N

Remco 16' Extension Handle

Available In Yellow

SKU: 6268


Vikan 74" - 237" Telescopic Fiberglass Handle

Available In Gray

SKU: 2977



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