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Waste Receptacles

Indoor/Out Door Waste Bins & Ashtrays

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  Indoor Waste Bins     (8 Items) Scroll Down


Gladiator Deskside Waste Bins

Available In 4 Colours

Available In 2 Sizes

Gladiator Slim Bin

Size: 87L/23gal.

Available In 4 Colours

Optional Swing Top Lid

GEO Metallic Look Wall Mount Bin

Tops Available In 4 Colours

Available In 2 Sizes

Iris Metallic Look Round & Square Waste Bins

Round Funnel Lid: Available In 5 Colours

Square Lid: Available In Black, Funnel Or Tilting Lid


HERA HACCP Complying Pedal Bins

Available In 6 Colours

Available In 3 Sizes

ATLAS Mobile Bins On Wheels

Lids Available In 6 Colours

Bin Size 100L

Titan Multi-purpose H/D Durable Bins

Available In 6 Colours

Bin Size 85 Or 120L


Gladiator Waste Container

Bins Size: 76L, 121L, 167L

Colours: Gray & Recycling Blue w/Logo

  Stainless Steel Bins      (4 Items) Scroll Down

simplehuman Stainless Steel Bullet

Size: 16.1"Dia. x 29.8"H

simplehuman Stainless Steel Semi Round

Size: 18.5"W x 13.1"Dia. x 29.9"H

simplehuman Stainless Steel Slim

Size: 10.7"W x 18.2"Dia. x 27.4"H

simplehuman Stainless Steel Swing Top

Size: 14.8"Dia. x 29.2"H

  Swing Top Bins     (4 Items) Scroll Down

simplehuman Plastic Swing Top Waste Container

Size: 13.5"W x 16.7"D x 32.8"H


Metal Swing Top Waste Containers

Available In 3 Colours

Size:  19"W x 19"L x 39"H


Rubbermaid Slim Jim Wall Mounted 

Size: 30.2cmW x 49.5cmL x 82.9cmH


Rubbermaid Untouchable Container

Size: 16-1/2"Lx15-1/2"W x 30-9/10"H

Available In 4 Colours

  Outdoor Waste Receptacles     (8 Items) Scroll Down

Rubbermaid Steel & Stone Look Bins

Available In 3 Sizes

Available In 3 Colours

Witt Oakley Steel Slatted Receptacle

Available In 3 Colours

Size: 28" dia.x44-1/4"H


Witt Covington Outdoor Waste Containers

Available In 4 Colours

Size: 23-1/2dia x 40"H


Continental Colossus Receptacle

Available In 2 Colours

Sizes: 45gal or 56gal

  Ashtrays     (8 Items) Scroll Down


Frost Outdoor Ashtray

H/D Stainless Steel

Wall Mount



Round Wall Urn Ashtray

Stainless Steel Flip Top

Wall Mount



Half Moon Chrome Ashtray

H/D Stainless Steel

Wall Mount

Concrete Cigarette Receptacle

Aluminum Funnel Top

Free Standing Unit


Pedestal Ashtray/Trash Receptacle

Available In 2 Styles


Cease-Fire Cigarette Butt Receptacle

Available In 5 Colours



SafeSmoker Butt Cans

Available In 2 Styles

Available In 6 Colours



Ultra-Smoke Receptacles

Available In 8 Styles





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