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Poly-Rack System




Poly-Rack System


The centerpiece of the Poly-Rack System is the Poly-Racker, a unique one-piece polyethylene rack that holds two 55-gallon drums securely in place. A massive 100-plus gallon containment sump ensures spill safety even in worst-case drum leaks. The deep dispensing well easily holds 5-gallon pails while containing incidental spills and splashes in a ribbed bottom without contaminating the sump. Dispensing wells have a scalloped edge so pails can be easily removed. Two (2) drain plugs are standard. Poly-Rackers can be transported by forklift as separate pieces.

Combine a single Poly-Stacker with a Poly-Racker to stack up to four drums. Add another Poly-Stacker and you have a storage system that holds six drums and is rated to hold 3,000 lbs UDL. Each Poly-Stacker holds two 55-gallon drums and can quickly be stacked with a forklift. Any spills from the second and third levels fall into the dispensing well for containment and easy clean-up. Combined, Poly-Racker and Poly-Stacker make up the most efficient drum storage and dispensing system you can buy.


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