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Industrial Corn Brooms



Industrial Corn Brooms


All industrial corn brooms are bound with both polyester stitching & heavy duty galvanized wire band to provide add durability & long life.Lobby corn brooms are a convenient way for quick clean-up of crumbs, ashes or any dry material. Available in four sizes.

Code Description Product Size


Warehouse corn broom (3 string 1 wire)

142 x 46 x 24cm/ 56 x 18 x 9in


Warehouse corn broom (2 string 2 wire)

142 x 42 x 34cm/ 56 x 17 x 13in


Yard broom (3 wire 1 string)

148 x 52 x 28cm/ 58 x 21 x 11in


Corn/Cane warehouse broom (1 wire 4 string)

144 x 47 x 27cm/ 57 x 47 x 27in



Sold Individually