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Command Centre


Command Centre


The Diversey Command Centre offers the simplicity of no longer mixing chemicals by hand. All of the command center products are on a numbered and color-coded system for simple indentification and easy training.


Super concentrated products offer the economical edge of no "glug-glug" mixing and essentially no waste. Butchers offers a wide range of products for most any maintenance need. Diltuion control wherever you need it. Safety is assured with the command center because there is virtually no contact with chemicals. No spills or leaks. The push-button dispensing system that dilutes market-proven products.


The command center is equipped with three bottle fill and one bucket fill stations. Bottles fill at 1 gallon per minute. Low foam and no mess. Fills buckets, autoscrubbers, and extractors at 4 gallons per minute. Each button can be adapted for either bucket or bottle fill. Adjustable diltuions for maximum economy and performance make this a must havefor any facility.