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Clarke TFC 400





Clarke TFC 400


The Clarke TFC 400 is the versatile solution to many different cleaning needs. This machine is a really special piece of cleaning equipment because of the variety of situations in which it proves itself useful. From cleaning bathrooms and other hard floor surfaces to carpeted soft floors the Clarke TFC 400 can do it all. The machine comes equipped with all of the built-in organizational needs you could think of including storage cubbies for your wands and hoses to a removable tool caddy. Clarke really went all out when designing the TFC 400 - they provide a number of optional features that definitely enhance the usability of this would-be bathroom cleaner. Take note of the optional stand-up carpet wand- this is what turns the TFC 400 into a soft surface cleaner, and also the optional front-mount squeegee- the vacuum power can be routed to this squeegee system making water pickup simple and clean!


  • Touch free cleaning
  • 400 PSI at tip
  • 2-stage 900 watt vacuum motor
  • Vacuum exhaust blower motor
  • ELT/UL approved
  • 20 gallon solution tank, 13 gallon recovery tanks
  • Features a hose that extends to an overall length of 25 feet, but shrinks to a smaller size to make storage easy
  • Removable tool caddy, built in storage cubbies, places to store virtually all of your tools
  • Compartment for chemicals will store two types and is generically sized so any brand chemical bottle will fit - the control panel controls switching between the two different chemicals you have chosen
  • Electrically powered via the 25ft yellow safety cord
  • 25 ft solution and recovery hoses
  • Accessories: Two-bend wand, variable pressure gun, scrub brush w/ squeegee, floor squeegee tool, hand squeegee tool, metering tip pack, maid's caddy
  • New machine warranty: Factory Warranty


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