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First Aid & Emergency Blankets


Disposable Emergency Blanket: This yellow disposable blanket protects accident victims and provides shelter from the elements. It is water-resistant and is ideal for use in rescue and emergency kits, cars, police and security vehicles, and camping, hiking, and hunting as a ground sheet or as an emergency poncho. The bright colour improves visibility for search and rescue teams.


First Aid Blanket: This multi-purpose first aid blanket is ideal for stretchers and beds. It keeps the victim warm, whether at the scene of an accident or in a first aid room. It is also suitable as emergency protection for snowmobilers, hunters, hikers, and campers.


Silver Rescue Foil Sheet: The disposable, lightweight, pocket-size blanket retains body heat, helping the victim by preventing shock and hypothermia, and providing shelter from poor weather conditions. The waterproof material can create a reflective distress signal.


Item #




 Disposable Blanket 150 x 180cm (60 x 72")



First Aid Blanket 102.5 x 180cm (41 x 72")



Silver Rescue Foil Sheet 140 x 200cm (56 x 80")




Sold Individually